One of the most influential shows in recent New York

indie theater history, Bitch Macbeth has

played to record houses in three of downtown theater's best

known venues to rave reviews and a huge cult following.

The signature work of DMTheatrics, Bitch Macbeth one of the

few off-off-Broadway works whose original papers are preserved

in the prestigious Billy Rose Theater Collection

at the Lincoln Center NY Public Library, its

three productions providing a springboard for dozens of

performers and actors who have become mainstays of the NYC

indie stage.


This cult classic work now forms the basis of an ambitious new

cycle, Triptych.  Telling the multigenerational story of the collapse and

rebirth of a hypersexualized feudal culture, encompassing themes of

revolution, redemption, and ambition, and possessed of a

dizzying scope and scale, Triptych is both everything theater

can be, and like nothing else before it.  Using

performance, language, dance, combat,

multi-media, all types of theater, this epic is

an immersive, intensive, unforgettable

work of immense scale and

remarkable intimacy.

In a candle lit dungeon cathedral, a pair of dominas glean a prophecy from

a whip-scarred penitent's back, setting in motion a campaign

of bloodshed, mayhem, and naked ambition.  Macbeth, brutish and

damaged head of a lower House, and his ruthless Femme, seductive and

ambitious, pillage and slaughter their way to power.  As the weakened and debauched Crown Asbury slips into hedonism and insolvency, his radical young son agitates for revolution, and his haunted daughter suffers visions

of a dreadful future.  Houses fall, kingdoms crumble,

and prophecies come true in ways the domina could have never

envisioned, all against a backdrop of lust, intrigue, horror, and

tragedy.  All Hail Bitch Macbeth.



First devised in 2000, Bitch Macbeth received its first

staging at the Access Theater in lower Manhattan,

and was the first work from DMT and director Frank

Cwiklik to receive industry-wide attention and acclaim.

An almost instant cult classic, the show was rethought

and restaged in 2003 at the Kraine Theater, the historic

99-seat venue that serves as part of the legendary 4th Street

experimental theater district known as Ellen Stewart Way.

Playing to packed houses and strong notices, the show cemented

the reputation of both DMTheatrics and Bitch Macbeth itself.


In 2008, the show was radically reinvisioned

as a partially immersive performance piece.  This final, nearly

definitive version premiered at the Brick Theater, Williamsburg's

pioneering arts venue.  Once again playing to record-breaking

houses, it received its strongest reviews yet, and remains the crowning
work of the DMT repertory.

The 2008 production serves as the template for Triptych.  A series of three plays, designed to take full advantage of the uniquely tactile, immersive experience of live storytelling, each with its own distinct and deliberately unique style and feel, Triptych's shows are meant to work either as three stand-alone evenings of compelling drama, or together as a cohesive, overwhelming epic event.


Using the world, language, and themes of Bitch Macbeth as inspiration, Divine Asbury chronicles the immediate aftermath of the first show's brutal events.   Still suffering from visions and tormented by the loss of her family, the newly anointed Virgin  Crown slowly loses her grip on reality, while the nascent religious movement founded in memory of her brother grows into a revolutionary movement, as a devious, shadowy power player effortlessly seduces both the low and the mighty into challenging the perilous status quo.  A generation then passes before the events of Prime Purity, in which a young boy and girl, marked for greatness and raised on the run, slowly discover their true natures and come to reclaim the broken throne, as a reckless and unstable young princess finds herself thrust into power amidst a court full of con men, psychos, and charlatans, who don't realize their young puppet ruler is already one step ahead of them and plotting their eventual downfall.


Proposed for a 2016 production launch, with performance dates beginning in late 2016/early 2017, proposal imagery and synopses of the two new plays in the cycle can be found by clicking the logos below.  For information on past productions of Bitch Macbeth, including photos and promotional material, see the archives menu at bottom.  For performance/production enquiries or casting info, go to our Contact page.



CAST for proposal photos:


Macbeth - Adam Swiderski

Prime Asbury - Abby DeMauri

Femme Macbeth - Rocio Mendez

Rbiter - Cedric Jones

Aurora - Ivy Hong

Crown Asbury - Duncan Pflaster

Small Asbury - Jamie Goodnight

Copper - Lauren Hart

Wire - Alison Preece

Crown Water - Robin Friend Stift

Femme Water - Ori Bitter

 Chorus - Ori Bitter, Andy Dispensa, Dianne Kaye, Jessie Krebs, Nathan Reid, Robin Friend Stift, Angie Tennant, Allison Wick


FOOTAGE for background video compiled from 2001 and 2008 productions (see archives below for full cast/production info)



ACT ONE, SCENE THREE, 2008 production (video opens in new window)



    BITCH MACBETH:  A Passion Play

    Fight Director  Michele Schlossberg * Stage Manager/Technicals  Berit Johnson

    Set Construction/Effects  Ian W. Hill, Berit Johnson, Christiaan Koop, John Mazurek

    Produced by Michele Schlossberg

    Co-Produced, Written, Designed and Directed by Frank Cwiklik



    Macbeth:  Rasheed Hinds

    Femme Macbeth:  Jennifer Clark

    Slaves:  Daniel Koenig, Christiaan Koop



    Asbury:  Ian W. Hill

    Small Asbury:  Douglas Scott Sorenson

    Prime Asbury:  Carrie Johnson

    Other Thorn:  Adam Swiderski

    Slaves:  Sarah Jane Bunker, Daniel Koenig

    Apostles:  Daniel Koenig, John Mazurek



    Rbiter:  Bob Brader

    Aurora:  Sarah Jane Bunker

    Copper:  Michele Schlossberg

    Wire:  Nicole Marsh

    Auctioneer:  Peter B. Brown

    Subjects:  Amy Caitlin Carr, Matthew Gray



    Rosenstern:  Bryan Enk

    Guildencrantz:  Matthew Gray

    Strippers:  Amy Caitlin Carr, Christiaan Koop, Nicole Marsh



    Water:  Matthew Gray * Femme Water:  Christiaan Koop

    Cinna:  Amy Caitlin Carr *  Court:  Daniel Koenig, John Mazurek, Nicole Marsh


    Wreckage:  John Mazurek * Femme Wreckage:  Christiaan Koop

    Court:  Sarah Jane Bunker, Amy Caitlin Carr, Daniel Koenig, Michele Schlossberg


    Man and Woman in Street:  John Mazurek, Christiaan Koop

    Waitress:  Amy Caitlin Carr  *  Newsboy:  Daniel Koenig

    Chorus/Citizens:  Amy Caitlin Carr, Daniel Koenig, Christiaan Koop, John Mazurek





    January 2001, Access Theater




    Danse Macabre Theatrics in association with Horse Trade Theater Group presents


    FOriginally produced by DMTheatrics January 2001 at Access Theater.

         Sound ops:  Alex Warner *  Light ops:  Berit Johnson

         Technicals/Production Manager:  Berit Johnson

    Artistic Director, Horse Trade Theater Group:  Kimo DeSean

    Managing Director, Horse Trade Theater Group:  Erez Ziv

    Artistic Director, Danse Macabre Theatrics:  Frank Cwiklik

    Managing Director, Danse Macabre Theatrics:  Michele Schlossberg

         Publicity:  Jennifer Upchurch * Photography by Moira Stone

    Fight director/choreographer:  Michele Schlossberg

    Set construction/design:  Frank Cwiklik, Kimo DeSean, Berit Johnson,  Alex Warner

    Special thanks to those without whom:  Jennifer Clark, Sarah Jane Bunker, Douglas Scott Sorenson,

    Daniel Koenig, Deb Troche, Christiaan Koop, John Mazurek.

         Produced by Frank Cwiklik and Michele Schlossberg

        Written, Designed and Directed by Frank Cwiklik



    MACBETH  Rasheed Hinds

    FEMME MACBETH  Moira Stone

    SLAVES  Dan Maccarone, Josh Mertz, Marla Yost



    ASBURY  Ian W. Hill

    PRIME ASBURY  Carrie Johnson

    SMALL ASBURY  Tom Mazur

    OTHER THORN  Adam Swiderski

    SLAVES  Dan Maccarone, Marla Yost



    RBITER  Bob Brader

    AUCTIONEER  Peter B. Brown

    AURORA  Hilary J. Prentice



    COPPER  Michele Schlossberg

    WIRE  Nicole Marsh

    SLAVES Amy Caitlin Carr, Josh Mertz



    ROSENSTERN  Bryan Enk

    GUILDENCRANTZ  Matthew Gray

    FUCKBAR DANCERS  Amy Caitlin Carr, Nicole Marsh, Hilary J. Prentice, Marla Yost


    WATER  Dan Maccarone

    FEMME WATER  Marla Yost

    CINNA  Amy Caitlin Carr

    WATER COURT  Nicole Marsh, Josh Mertz, Hilary J. Prentice, Michele Schlossberg


    WRECKAGE  Josh Mertz

    FEMME WRECKAGE  Marla Yost

    WRECKAGE COURT  Amy Caitlin Carr, Dan Maccarone, Nicole Marsh, Hilary J. Prentice, Michele Schlossberg


    WAITRESS  Amy Caitlin Carr

    CAFE DANDY  Josh Mertz


    NEWSBOY  Dan Maccarone

    MAN AND WOMAN IN STREET  Josh Mertz, Marla Yost


    CHORUS :  Amy Caitlin Carr, Dan Maccarone, Josh Mertz, Marla Yost



         85 E 4th St btwn 2nd/3rd Aves, 1st Floor

           February 15th thru March 17th, 2003

         Saturday, Sunday, Monday evenings 7:30 PM sharp




    Danse Macabre Theatrics in association with the Brick presents


    Special Makeup Effects JOSH POTTER

    Choreographer/Dance Captain SARAH E. JACOBS

    Assistant Director CHRISTIAAN KOOP

    Co-Producer/Fight Coordinator MICHELE SCHLOSSBERG

    Written, Produced, Designed, and Directed by FRANK CWIKLIK


    Jan 10th thru 27th 2008  Thur Fri Sat eves 8 PM Sun eves 7:30 PM

    The Brick, 575 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn


    Set Construction/Technical Assistance   Art Wallace

    Special Prop Construction/Seamstress   Christiaan Koop



    Stephen Fishler, Vincent Zurzolo, and all at Metropolis Collectibles

    Michael Gardner and all at the Brick

    Erez Ziv, Horse Trade Theater Group  *  Martin Denton,

    Halloween Adventure * New York Theater Workshop * Gothic Renaissance

    Epiphany Theater Group * La Tea/CSV * Rosebrand Theatrical Supplies



    Art Wallace, Jessica Dell’Era, and Ian W. Hill and Berit Johnson,

    without whose efforts above and beyond the call of duty this show would

    have never happened.



    MICHAEL GARDNER Founder, Artistic Director

    ROBERT HONEYWELL Founder, Artistic Director

    HOPE CARTELLI Associate Artistic Director

    JEFF LEWONCZYK Associate Artistic Director

    DARREN GARDNER Technical Director

    IAN W. HILL Facilities Manager



    MICHELE SCHLOSSBERG Managing Director

    FRANK CWIKLIK Artistic Director


    Bitch Macbeth was originally produced at Access Theater, NYC in January of 2001

    Bitch Macbeth version 2 premiered at the Kraine Theater, NYC, in February 0f 2003


    Bitch Macbeth (c) 1999-2001, 2003, 2007 Frank Cwiklik




    MACBETH Adam Swiderski

    FEMME MACBETH  Samantha Mason

    SLAVE  Jess Beveridge

    SERVANTS  Patrick Pizzolorusso, Candace Yoshioka

    LEGION Valentine Lyashenko



    ASBURY  Bob Laine

    PRIME ASBURY  Becky Byers

    SMALL ASBURY  David Mills Boynton

    OTHER THORN  Clay Drinko

    ASBURY’S PETS  Valentine Lyashenko, Patrick Pizzolorusso, Candace Yoshioka



    RBITER  Fred Backus

    AUCTIONEER  Kevin Myers

    AURORA  Alexandra Cohen-Spiegler



    COPPER  Michele Schlossberg

    WIRE  Emma Peele

    TOP DOMGIDA  Mercedes Emelina

    PROPHESANT  Patrick Pizzolorusso

    SUPPLICANT  Jess Beveridge

    DOMGIDAS  Jess Beveridge, Sarah Brodsky, Sarah E. Jacobs, Candace Yoshioka



    ROSENSTERN  Bryan Enk

    GUILDENCRANTZ  Matthew Gray

    SLAVES FOR OFFER  Mercedes Emelina, Jess Beveridge



    WATER  Patrick Pizzolorusso

    FEMME WATER  Candace Yoshioka



    WRECKAGE   Clay Drinko

    FEMME WRECKAGE  Sarah Brodsky

    WRECKAGE LEGION  Matthew Gray, Patrick Pizzolorusso


    MAN AND WOMAN IN STREET  Jess Beveridge, Patrick Pizzolorusso



    as Courtiers, Slaves, Aristocracy, Petitioners, Bidders, etc

    Sarah E. Jacobs, Jess Beveridge, Sarah Brodsky, Clay Drinko, Mercedes Emelina,

    Valentine Lyashenko, Patrick Pizzolorusso, Candace Yoshioka