“We're ready to let DMT's honest, heartfelt theater

take us pretty much anywhere..."

-- Lauren Wissot, TheaterOnline.com review of Two Gentlemen of Lebowski


“This guy (Cwiklik) is – and I’ve said this before –

a genius.”

 --Martin Denton, NYTheatre.com



“Brilliant in concept, impressive...

If you want to see a theater group taking risks and doing

truly interesting work, head on over!”

-- Bess Rowen, offoffonline.com review of Taming of the Shrew



“It's easy to make excuses for downtown theatre, to dismiss rough edges as the result of limited resources, short rehearsal periods, and an unmanageable talent pool. One of DMTheatrics' great contributions to Off-Off Broadway is to refuse to accept such limitations, to invite stricter criticism by repeatedly demonstrating their ability to craft disciplined, ambitious, vital theatre. There is never a feeling that Cwiklik and his cast are putting on a "showcase" or that the performance is really just an audition for larger-scale work. This is viable, even essential theatre.” -- Frank Episale, OOBR.com review of House of Trash




FINAL CURTAIN: THE LAST OF ED WOOD, 2012, photo by Frank Cwiklik

TWO GENTLEMEN OF LEBOWSKI, 2010, photo by Adam Bertocci

GIRLS' SCHOOL VAMPIRE, 1999, photo by Peter Welch

TAMING OF THE SHREW, 2011, photo by Frank Cwiklik

BITCH MACBETH, 2003, photo by Moira Stone