Presenting "Year Zero and the Dull Embrace of the Perpetual Now", the opening track from #walledgardens, releasing 9.9.18. The first full album from DMTheatrics, composed and performed by Frank Cwiklik.  DMTheatrics presents #LEAR by William Shakespeare, Episode Three: Fathom and Half. Filmed on stage at Access Theater, New York City, this is DMTheatrics' first foray into global internet theater, combining the theatricality and intimacy of live performance with the global reach and intensity of film, television, and web series. Set in modern-day Los Angeles, #LEAR tells the story of an aging reality TV star and former mobster, desperately trying to hide his slow slide into dementia and mental instability. A young schemer, obsessed by fame and fortune, plots to take over the nightlife and hospitality empire Lear uses to launder his ill gotten gains, while the retiring patriarch's family and entourage tear each other apart in a lust for power.